5 Top Windows Mobile Phones

Smart phones are like the prized possession as necessity today. We will now in this article discuss about the 5 top windows mobile phones. Windows as an application is used in very few phones as compared to android. This is exactly why making the list was simple.

If you are a windows mobile fan then you will definitely find this list useful. This will help you to get the best window mobile that suits your requirement. When it comes to windows mobile there are lot of options in the market. This is exactly why you must decide which the exact mobile that you need to buy is.

Windows mobile phones

Windows mobile phones

  • The first in the list of the 5 top windows mobile phones is the Nokia Lumia 920. It is priced at about five hundred dollars. The best part about this phone is that it has facility to get wireless charging.The screen is highly sensitive as a result you can use it even with gloves. As we know that windows does not have all the apps.Nokia fills this gap with some additional apps. Looking at the negatives well Nokia Lumia 920 is heavy and a little thick. There are certain colours in this phone that make it very slippery. As a result it can slip off. The camera of Nokia Lumia 920 was overhyped. It does not have enough features as compared to the other cameras. Overall it is a good phone and it tops the list of the windows mobile phone in our list.


  • The second is the HTC windows phone 8x in our list of the 5 top windows mobile phones. These phones are also priced around fifty to five hundred dollars. The design of this phone is quite edgy. It has a great call quality. It has LTE speeds and the processor that it uses is the top of the line.When we talk about the HTC windows phone 8x we have to mention the negatives too. The mobile does not have a good camera. The buttons of the camera are too flush. As the windows lack some apps this phone too has many apps missing. The verdict is that the smart design of the HTC windows phone 8x make it a worthwhile phone.


  • The Nokia Lumia 822 has to be mentioned next in the list of the 5 top windows mobile phones. It is priced around four hundred dollars. It delivers about 4G LTE. It has a good eight megapixel camera.  The memory of this phone is about 64GB you can add about 16GB to this memory capacity. Making the memory huge. The minus of this phone is the fact that it has a heavy and a rough build. It has a scratchy call quality. The phone is value for money as it is a Verizon. Nevertheless, if you want a good call quality and you want to go for a good looking phone. This is not the phone for you.


  • The next that we will mention in the 5 top windows mobile phones is the very popular Nokia Lumia 810. It is priced quite economically. It is like a homely phone but it has very good call quality. It again has got some extra software that makes it an exception for other windows mobile. It is one of those mobile that has got external storage. On the negative side the Nokia Lumia 810 is bulky. It is not well designed as a result it does not seem worth the money spent. The Nokia Lumia 810 is a good smart phone but if you are the type who likes slim phones you might not like this phone.


  • The last in the list of the 5 top windows mobile phones is Nokia Lumia 820. It is priced between one hundred to five hundred dollars. It has 4G LTE. The price can be very low as this phone is subsidized. The phone is slippery. It is a little heavy. The battery life of this phone is low. The speed of the phone also varies. We would advise this phone if you sre looking for an inexpensive phone that is value for money. You will not find another one in the market with the same features.

We hope t hat this list on 5 top windows mobile phones will help you to understand which are the windows mobiles that are available in the market. This will help you to get the beat one out there. There are many more windows phones that are available but we tried to list the best five for our readers. This will help you to make a better and faster decision.

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