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What If My Course Is UGC Approved But Not AICTE?

Indian standard of education is certainly a good one, as compared to the west especially when it comes to the fundamentals and basics such as maths.

India’s Most Reputed Private Universities

  There are purportedly over 150 private universities in India run by various societies and even corporate houses. All these universities are approved by the University Grants Commission ...
Web 2.0

What Is Web 2.0 And Difference From Web 1.0?

The World Wide Web has undergone a lot of changes since its inception and there are several terms which people get confused especially terms like web 1.0, web 2.0 and web 3.0. The term ...
Windows mobile phones

5 Top Windows Mobile Phones

Smart phones are like the prized possession as necessity today. We will now in this article discuss about the 5 top windows mobile phones. Windows as an application is used in very ...

What is SMM or Social Media Manager?

In this world of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, a person is considered dead if they are not active in the social media. We will now discuss about what is ...
Baseball Quiz

Baseball Quiz

Baseball is a popular sport and for the readers in the Asian subcontinent who are more familiar with the bat and ball version of cricket, we must say that baseball is no less a popular ...
Badminton Quiz

Badminton Quiz

Badminton is a popular sport, but how much you actually know about this game, its history and various aspects of badminton. Take this quiz and find out for yourself how well you fare div.mlw_qmn_quiz ...
Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertation writing is one of the most complex and important aspects for a student who is planning to take up studies abroad. We will first start with what exactly dissertation writing ...
RIght Vs Wrong

Right Vs Wrong: SC Ruling

There is man (and woman) and there is nature and ideally they should go in harmony with each other. It has been found from experience that whenever the natural laws are violated intentionally ...
Krokodil Drug

What Is Krokodil Drug?

There are different type of drug abuses in the world and one of the latest and dreaded one is the Krokodil drug. Do you know what is a Krokodil drug and why is it so dangerous? Let ...
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