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Technology in the Workplace

In today’s modern world, technology is constantly concerned in our daily lives, from the moment our cellphone wake U.S.A. up through a antecedently found out alarm, until we have ...
Who Invented The Car

Who Invented The Car?

Cars are the modern means of transport. Have you ever wondered who invented the car and how these fantastic machines came into being? We in this article will discuss the invention of ...
Hunkar Rally

Blasts In Patna: Political Conspiracy or Terrorist Act?

It is unfortunate that just hours before the Hunkar Rally of Narendra Modi, the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate, serial bomb blasts devastated the city, and as per current information, ...

How Are Dollar Rupee Rates Decided?

We are all aware of the Rupee Dollar crisis which is currently going and the value of the Rupee has been steeply declining against the dollar. In all this hustle bustle and noise we ...
SIU Pune

Private Universities In India: Are They Successful?

In this article we will learn about the concept of private universities, especially in context of India. Education is a must for the growth and development of any society and more-so ...
USA Student Visa

How To Get USA Student Visa?

Going to USA for studies is a dream that many students have especially in the developing world. The rules for getting a student visa could be somewhat different for different nationalities ...
Going Viral

What Is Meaning Of Going Viral On Internet?

The internet has given rise to many terms and words that are absolutely new to us all. One such term is going viral. The literal translation of the sentence may be very different from ...

Top 10 UK Universities To Study

Education makes a person better suited and prepared in life for pursuing career goals, and even general personality development.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed: Social Network Friendships

The word “friend” is basically of German origin and has been in existance in nearly unchanged for for tens of centuries. Basically it is derived from “fri” which ...
Pleasing Personality

5 Tips For A Pleasing Personality

Personality is very important for both personal and professional success. It is true that personality is a gift from God. Not all of us can have the best of personalities. We will now ...
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