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Badminton is a popular sport, but how much you actually know about this game, its history and various aspects of badminton. Take this quiz and find out for yourself how well you fare

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1. Which of these is the Highest governing body of Badminton ?
2. How many member nations are with Badminton World Federation ?
3. What was the old name of Badminton World Federation ?
4. In which year, Badminton was included in Asia cup ?
5. Around how many overlapping feathers are used in making a Shuttlecock ?
6. In which year India joined as an affiliate of Badminton World Federation ?
7. What should be the height of badminton net at the edges ?
8. The badminton birdie is also known by another less used name which is what ?
9. The word "badminton" was originally the name of
10. Like the Thomas Cup championship which is only for men, there is a badminton championship trophy that is only for women. Which is it ?

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