Bapu Sri AsaRam Ji: What About The Followers?

As India woke up to the new month, a news was spreading like wildfire that Sri AsaRam Bapu Ji, head of a major organization and a renowned Spiritual Guru was arrested the previous midnight by Jodhpur police. Of course we will not be going into the details of the case as firstly it is subjudice so we leave it to the honourable courts to decide whatever is the truth plus being the head of a major sect, we do not want to hurt any feelings of devotion that people have who hold him with reverence.

Maa Kaali

Maa Kaali

Yet we at Abhishek Solutions always tend to bring up current issues in the society to the fore for the benefit of our readers so that they can then make an informed decision based on the presented facts, and their own intuition, knowledge and discretion.

The main thing which differentiates this article from others on this issue is that we are not just reporting facts, but also going beyond that to suggest that what should genuine followers do in such a case even if the charges are found true.

Moreover we will try to portray the situation from a non-biased neutral perspective, since we believe that every human being has the benefit of doubt unless anything is proved against him or her, but we would also like to maintain an equal balance in favour of the girl who has raised the charges against Bapuji, even though there is a huge difference between the two parties – one being a world famous person and the other being a humble illiterate family, yet it is the equality of the law combined with the power of the fourth pillar of democracy (Press) that both sides have the right to say and prove or disprove their side of the story.

From the Girl’s Perspective

Firstly we would like to take a look at the case from the girl’s perspective and it is certainly a known fact that crime against women are surely on the rise not only in India, but perhaps is a global phenomenon. We covered the case of Nibhaya Amanat last year which was of course an exceptional case due to the immense public support it received, which obviously has led to some speedy delivery of justice.

Women have been worshipped in India in the form of Goddesses and the Vedas hold them with high respect, even though their social condition and status was pretty much underprivileged due to degradation of society but now that era seems to be coming back again. So considering that fact any offense against women should be dealt with the proper procedure of the law and irrespective of the level of the person accused of such an act.

Of course the legal battle in such a case could be long and prolonged, yet it is always worth to fight for justice no matter how hard the way, how difficult the journey and how many obstacles present themselves.

From the Spiritual Guru’s Perspective

Having taken a firm stand in the favour of the girl in question, we would also like to say that it is certainly not a good thing to take any allegations for granted, but give a benefit of doubt to the person in question, not due to his position or status, but just because of his right as a citizen as well.

One thing certainly cannot be ruled out that a person at such a position could have many secret enemies who might plan something to permanently harm the image of the leader so the best path is not to label anyone as innocent, nor anyone as guilty at the first instance and not to be drawn by emotions either side but to let the law authorities do their work without any pressure so that the facts of the case come out and the law can take its course.

Advice for Followers

In such cases when a person who is supposed to lead millions of people into the journey towards Spiritualism, the greatest dilemma is for the people who have actually whole heartedly devoted their lives to the Guru and find their faith shaken or broken for no fault of theirs.

For such people we have a simple advice, DO NOT ever let such happenings diminish your faith in Spiritualism. Please DO NOT take this advice to mean that we are suggesting you keep following anyone blindfolded. We simply mean that your progress in the spiritual realm will come from the faith you hold and it can move mountains, so even if the person in question is accused or proved guilty or not, certainly the knowledge distributed by him is not his own but from the ancient texts, Vedas and scriptures which are timeless and have stood for centuries. So just continue the practice going for the Almighty even if for not a specific person.

We have a beautifully written article on this concept of being spiritual but not religious and that should help to understand better what is meant by this. So keep the spiritual journey alive and consider this as another obstacle like several others which come in the path of those who are on such a journey.


In the end we extend our heartiest congratulations to the braveheart who had the courage to speak out any injustice done to her and if the facts stand as they are, the accused would certainly have to pay the price for it.

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