Basics Of Accounts Explained

Basics Of Accounts

Basics Of Accounts

Accountancy is a subject that is based on assumptions and some basic principles. For many people even the basics of accounts might seem a little difficult subject to grasp as it is a little vague.

Basically the whole subject of account is basically based on the fact that every debit will definitely have a credit somewhere. We know this might be a little tough to understand especially if you have a scientific bent of mind.

We at Abhishek Solutions have designed a course that is very basic and will give you a detailed idea of the subject called accounts and help you to understand the concept of debit and credit better. We have prepared the course keeping in mind that all those who join the course don’t have any idea about the subject. The course aims at working professionals as well as students who are just learning the subject.

Abhishek solution is a website that is providing online accounts training to those who are interested in the subject. The course is comprehensive and it divided into modules that move from very basic accounting concepts to complex ones. At the end of each module you will have to take a test. This will help us to understand your understanding of the subject and also help you to understand where you are lacking behind.

The accounts tutorials are given via online classes. The study materials that are prepared by those who have a thorough knowledge of the subject are either available on the site or can be sent by mail.  If there is any doubt that you have in your mind you can ask your trainer right away and all the queries that you have will be resolved.

The course is not very expensive and will not burn a hole in your pocket at all. You can avail the benefits sitting in your house. The benefits that you will get from the course are much higher than what you are spending on it there is no doubts about that.  We have tried to keep the course very simple so that anyone can learn the basic principles of accounts. The various books of accounts that need to be maintained are also discussed in the modules. This makes the course very user friendly and flexible.

If you have any doubts you can also mail the trainer and get the answers to your queries. The course has a good blend of theory and practical assignments so that the students can learn faster and effectively. Cash flow statements, the basic ratio analysis, etc form the part of the module. We have a special section designed only to understand the double entry system in accounts. We do belive in Abhishek solutions that if your basics are not strong you will not be able to understand the subject. This is exactly why we stress so much on the basics of the subject accounts so that you can get a fair idea about the subject and come up with a stronger idea about the whole thing.

The course on basic accounts is designed in such a way that anyone who is new to the concept of accounts can grasp it easily. Accounts like all other subject is simple if you get the basics right. Once you know what a debit is and what is a credit, you will definitely be able to crack where the debit should be for the credit booking. All that you need to do is remember these basic principles.

Sounds simple right! It definitely is. We will try to ensure that you basic fear of accounts is removed and you have a much better idea about the subject. This will help you to get better scores if you are a student. In your school maybe you feel a little weird to ask some questions as a result your grades suffer. However, in an online class you can ask any question without any fear and get the answers to the same. In case you are a business man who wants to start a new venture you too can understand how you should manage the finance of the business and what books you need to maintain. All that you need to do is to contact us to start learning about the basics of accounts today.

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