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Narendra Modi

Life and Journey Of Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the man of the moment. After the historic win in the elections he has become undoubtedly the most trusted leader India has seen after Indira Gandhi. We will now try ...
RIght Vs Wrong

Right Vs Wrong: SC Ruling

There is man (and woman) and there is nature and ideally they should go in harmony with each other. It has been found from experience that whenever the natural laws are violated intentionally ...

Facebook: To Be Or Not To Be (A Facebooker)

The Face book has about six hundred million users. The figure is just unbelievable. However, there are some people who have a different opinion. They feel that Facebook is nothing great. ...
Breaking Relations

Failing Relations, Improving Prosperity: Is This Development?

At Abhishek Solutions we keep expressing our views on burning social issues which surround us in our every day lives.
Banking Secure Key

What Is Banking Secure Key?

Online banking has made our lives quite easy. With the online banking concept has come up a lot many concepts. One such concept is the banking secure key. We will now discuss what is ...
Maa Kaali

Bapu Sri AsaRam Ji: What About The Followers?

As India woke up to the new month, a news was spreading like wildfire that Sri AsaRam Bapu Ji, head of a major organization and a renowned Spiritual Guru was arrested the previous midnight ...

How Are Dollar Rupee Rates Decided?

We are all aware of the Rupee Dollar crisis which is currently going and the value of the Rupee has been steeply declining against the dollar. In all this hustle bustle and noise we ...
Indo Pak Relations

Indo Pak Relations: Mere Dushman Mere Bhai

As we approach the Independence Day of India (it is 14th August at the time of writing this) and it is the Pakistan’s Independence Day too, we would like to write on the sensitive ...
SIU Pune

Private Universities In India: Are They Successful?

In this article we will learn about the concept of private universities, especially in context of India. Education is a must for the growth and development of any society and more-so ...

Diary Of A Housewife

We tend to bring up certain issues of importance time and again, especially related to female liberation and equal rights for all, through our platform. Today in this article titled ...
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