Diary Of A Housewife

We tend to bring up certain issues of importance time and again, especially related to female liberation and equal rights for all, through our platform. Today in this article titled diary of a housewife, we will basically try to understand one of the most misunderstood concepts of a the fairer gender and will try to show that the job description of a home maker is no less challenging than a professional of either gender.

Condition of Women



In most countries around the globe and in most of the eras since the past, subject to exceptions of course, females have always been treated with lesser respect, dignity and considered the weaker sex.

Of course as already mentioned, there are and have been exceptions to this and in most developed nations, the situation of women is much better than the developing world.

Even in many ancient civilizations, women were highly respected and given their due place in the society, even though it got deteriorated over time.

The Term “Housewife”

In the current professional era there is one word which is considered wrongly as being very humble or worthless and that is a “housewife” generally speaking. This is true of most regions and places, and moreso of the developing world. But just a little reflection and forethought would be sufficient to show that actually it is the other way round.

The Family Unit

Irrespective of the amount of technological advances made in the world or the gadgets which are invented, a society does not live by technology alone but human beings form the basis of any society. And the family is the smallest yet most powerful unit of existence of human beings.

Although the roles played by both genders are undergoing a change, still in conventional setup of the family unit, the female who takes charge of the entire responsibility of managing the family is known as the housewife.

Housewives are the pillars of the family and hence they are the pillars of any society. In the absence of dedicated housewives, kids would not get proper care, neither can the rest of the members have a peaceful and carefree life or be able to concentrate on their chore tasks.

Professional Women Vs Housewives

Without any prejudice to either type of females, the author wishes to put forth that although getting into and surviving in the professional world is not an easy task by any standards, still it is totally wrong to say that professional women are overworked while housewives enjoy an easy life.

The responsibilities of the household, if done with dedication require qualities such as caring, lovingness, dedication, commitment and given the fact that all this is done without any formal compensation in cash just as being a member of the family requires the highest order of effort, consistency, patience and a long list of other virtues, and the term housewife should be placed in the category of highest order of officials in the corporate sector like CEOs and CXOs.

Yet it is a blatant truth that the term is rather considered derogatory by the so called literate segment and much requires to be done. Earlier it had been a battle between the genders for equal rights but now the equation is shifting. Infact it is painful to see how typing the word housewives in Google came up with all sorts of crap sites, mainly catering to the psychological cranks sitting in cyberspace for useless waste of time.


It is hightime that the society gives all the due respect and credit that housewives deserve and the silent warriors who toil and soil day and night without any fiscal remuneration in return just out of the feeling of best interest of their family. Is is only is the civilized world that such sanskars can exist, even if the international financial institutions call such regions as the third world.

What Next?

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