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You use Facebook very often but can you answer these 10 simple questions on Facebook

If yes, you could win a gift of INR 1000/= just take the quiz and leave your mobile number and/or email. After a certain gap of time we will take out a lucky draw from the people who send us right answers and chose one person for the gift and will also publish his/her picture on our website. This contest is totally free of cost and no entry fees

Facebook Quiz - How much you actually know about FB


A new feature is being inserted in Facebook which is in testing phases currently. Here you can send a message to Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook) by paying how much money.

The latest feature which allows you to search friends with specific criteria who like something is known as 

A memorialized facebook account refers to the account of someone

The idea of facebook was originally perceived by 

Name of the wife of owner of Facebook is 

Sites like Facebook fall in which category 

The movie which tells the story of Facebook is 

If you send too many friend requests, your account could be blocked temporarily. Which factors count towards this limit

The shares offered by Facebook in form of IPO or initial public offering were 

How old is owner of Facebook (currently in 2013)

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