Google Project Glass: Dark Lining In The Silver Cloud

Google Project Glass

Google Project Glass

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are always at the forefront of technology (if you dont recognize these popular names, better get a GK refresher course) so no wonder the new charisma up their sleeves (rather up their foreheads) is the Google Project Glass. In case you havent got an inkling as to what this means, just check this out.

Google Project Glass is not about some special quality glass but its the name given to their dream project of creating a “wearable computer” with a head mounted display, or to put it in plain words – this is something like your eveyrday goggles or spectacles, except with a difference.

These spectacles are a part of a powerful computer system which literally acts like your sixth sense and helps you to do things without bothering too much about physical activity.

Without sounding pessimistic or a typical critic, I would like to point out, apart from the N number of uses it could be put into, a few points which could make this gadget a bit of a nuisance if not totally unwanted.

Technology is always a double edged sword and though we are not talking here about some extremely dangerous side affects such as say the atomic bombs vs atomic reactors type of argument, still given the effects that mobile gadgets and too much information is having on our existence, this is certainly a food for thought.

Just imagine that you have access to an entire array of services and all that  you normally access via your laptop, desktop or mobile right in front of your eyes. This is exactly what Google Project Glass is all about and as you can see in the attached image with the article, its like a computer system and internet connection which forms an part of your senses, so to speak.

Reminds me more of sci-fi stories or hi-tech supernormal human being movies but arent we already lost a bit too much in the plethora of information and gadgetry that we need to withdraw a bit from it rather than dive a mile further into the unknown depths. Agreed that a ship is meant for sailing and its no use sitting on the edge, yet the cutting edge of technology does have a different effect sometimes of cutting down our normal lives too, though it again depends on perception what is perceived at normal.

Privacy Concerns

One of the most important questions raised by critics is the further degradation of privacy since the technology sort of live-streams what you actually see with your physical eyes into the virtual world too, perhaps creating too much useless information (no offense but technically its called Big Data).

The world is already experiencing a shortage of privacy with rising number of gadgets, technology and the intermixing of web, social media and personal and private lives even of common individuals unlike it was of celebrities of the yore, so digital paparazzi all around us.

But then I wont be that harsh by blaming Google Project Glass for all evils of the world. They are making what is “hot and trendy and sells like hot cakes”. The onus to utilize this technology effectively and efficiently lies on us.

We should always look for the silver lining in the cloud and not the other way round. After all optimism is the core of life and the fundamental theory behind all scientific progress and its the undying spirit of innovation and seeing the bright side of things which fosters growth and progress for the common good of all.

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