Happy Independence Day 2014

When the eve of independence comes near

I just sometimes think deep and with some fear

Of course our nation has progressed a lot all around

Happy Independence Day 2014

Happy Independence Day 2014

Still the future of the nation in such a state is found

For any nation children are the future, hope and pride

They must so strong as to take anything in their stride

Still they need love, care, food and studies to grow

Else certainly our future in darkness we will throw

Isnt it a common sight everywhere and fortunate ones are very few

Is this the way we let our future generation to be, who are pure as morning dew

What is the purpose of celebrating with all the pomp and show

True independence will come when everyone on their face has a glow

The freedom fighters struggled all their life and laid down their life

Not because we should go astray and cut each others throat with knife

Let us on this pious day make a resolution and make it so strong

No matter what, with these kids and our future, nothing should go wrong

It is not on the day when the rich and privileged own a benz or an audi

But it is only when the poorest of the poorest lives respectfully, yes everybody

When our kids do not have to worry about their hunger, thirst and food

When their happiness is guaranteed, and doesnt depend on the society’s mood

When the females can venture freely at midnight and return home safe and sound

When the human beasts dont exist anymore, and noone is there to hound

When the old people are considered human beings and not thrown out of the house

When the kids still remember who cared all life, and dont just remember the spouse

When daughter in laws are considered as some one belonging to the family and not external

When health is easy, affordable and no one has to go round the courts eternal

That day might seem like an utopia but the journey is worth the walk

Even if the goal is difficult, what makes you afraid even to plan and chalk

We wish this not only to our nation but to the entire world as the ultimate goal

For at the end of the day, nations are just human, and true is the human soul



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