How To Get Success In Life & Work

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by Sandeep Maheshwari, the famous photographer and motivational speaker. It was so inspiring that I decided to summarize it in the form of an article titled “how to get success in life and work” for the benefit of our viewers. Of course the presentation is also available in Video format but how many of us have the patience to watch the full video which is more than couple of hours in length.


Sandeep Maheshwari

How To Get Success In Life and Work

First of all it is bit difficult to give a universal definition for success. What may be success for one person may be totally useless or boring for another, still the common ground is that it gives a feeling of happiness, contentment and satisfaction within yourself. Hence this may seem a very vague definition but at the core, this actually defines success in real terms and not on worldly terms.

Still, having said that, for most people earning a lot of money and/or fame is the meaning of success, which is quite important as well. The only problem is that most people do not achieve what they want despite working hard.

So the advice given to such people is – DO NOT WORK HARD AT ALL – because the more hard you are working, the closer you are drawing towards failure.

What, pooh, blah blah hundreds of reactions would be there to this statement. Isnt it the universal truth that hard work is the core of all success and even at the philosophical level, Karma is supreme and without it nothing is achieved.

So why this reverse statement. Well friends here is the secret to this. Actually just read along and at the end of the article you will agree that the statement is not false but fully true and hard work is futile and not a recipe for success. So please keep reading before you take off from the page thinking this isnt possible.

Some Examples of Background

Suppose you are dancing in a party or playing one of your favourite sports for hours and even get injured in the process or drop dead with exhaustion, what would be your reaction at the end. You would say well this was very satisfying and I would love to do again at the first opportunity rather than saying oh I got tired its crap game or event.


This is the basic point. What defines hard work? It is not the number of hours you put in something or the efforts required for it that defines hard work. Hard work is that which is done forcefully in a manner that you dont enjoy it fully and hence it seems prolonged and overly stretched and you feel repulsed

Hard Work

Hard Work

towards it at the end and get exhausted in a manner and try to avoid it later.

So you see that if you compare this with the situation described earlier, where you danced or played for hours, that was not hard word even though you worked very hard in the literal sense of the word.

Simple Tip For Success in Life and Work

By now the mystery must have cleared itself. Always do what you enjoy OR if you cannot do what you dont enjoy try to change to something that you enjoy and then you will work on it nearly infinite without getting tired, bored or exhausted.

Then the law of cause and effect will automatically come into play and you would be rewarded with the fruits of success, even though it will not seem any hard work to you since you consider it as an enjoyable activity which you really like without any external reasons.

We will see how to choose such a profession or career which is best suited to you in a later lesson. As for now keep happy and remember not to work hard but enjoy whole day!!

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