How to Plan for Your Next vSphere Course

Great opportunities come by one in a lifetime. And, one should always seize it no matter what the circumstances are. You may have completed a VMware certification a little while back, but if you see a new and better opportunity coming up in your organization for which you’ll have to upgrade your skill set, don’t wait. Plan your next move right away. The following article will help you with the quick steps to planning.

So you’ve completed your VCP certification and training successfully and gotten a job. So what’s next? What are your plans for the coming year?

There’s huge demand for certified and skilled professionals across the world at this point in time. I’m sure you’re aware of this too. So why stay satisfied with your current certification and job? The faster you climb up the organizational ladder, the more recognition and acclaim you get, besides the personal career satisfaction that you get.

But how do you prepare for your your next vSphere certification course? We’ve put together four steps to help you get planning for your next VMware virtual certification course.

Steps to Planning for the Next vSphere Course

  • Set your career goal in the VMware vSphere arena – Deciding on your goals will help you set a milestone for yourself based on which you can choose the path moving ahead. Goals can either be decided based on whether you wish to attain more generalized or specialized skills or in the direction of any specific interests that you garner or on a lucrative opportunity that you see upcoming in your organization. Creating actionable plans will help you move ahead with greater focus and determination.
  • Research which vSphere courses will help achieve your set goals – Once your goals are decided you can now focus on which vSphere courses will help you achieve the skills required for that opportunity. For instance, if you possess a VCAP certification and you see an opportunity in your organization that requires an VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification, you will have focus on taking it up next.
  • Talk to your employer – Talking to your employer will help him/ her know that you’re willing to undertake the extra effort to add to your skills and help the organization. There’s huge demand for skilled IT professionals and organizations are willing to pay for candidates who want to expand their skill sets and serve an organization.
  • Choose an appropriate training style – Whether you learn better on your own plans or via online classrooms or through physical classrooms, having something in mind will help you plan your year ahead and also arrange for the finances accordingly.

Note: Be it vSphere 5.1 training or VCP 5.5 training, choosing appropriate VMware virtual training courses to prepare for your exam is also very important. If you opt for these training courses, you will have to plan your year accordingly.

Over and above that, make your choices wisely and plan your moves with thought. Good luck!

What are your suggestions on how to plan for your next vSphere courses? Share them with me in the comments below.

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