How To Prepare For Job Interview

Interview is something that we all have to face either to get a new job or to get a promotion. Even as a school or college kid we need to give various interviews. Interview is nothing but a process by which the employer or the school authority tries to understand if the person appearing for the interview is capable enough. Many of us are scared of interview.

We tend to get nervous as a result we often make silly mistakes. Well the first interview tips and tricks that we would like to mention are never get nervous. You must be confident. Everyone wants a confident person no one is looking for a coward out there. We will now discuss how to prepare for a job interview. I hope these interview tips and tricks will definitely help you.

How To Prepare For Job Interview

How To Prepare For Job Interview

First tip is information. You must find out about the company for whom you are going for the interview. You should know exactly what the job you are being hired for. You must have all these basic information before you go for the job interview.

Second tip is preparedness. You must know the exact venue where the interview is. You must ensure that you reach there on time. You must have the details of the person whom you need to meet at the venue. You must carry with you all the documents that the company has told you to carry. You can also carry your certificates and other letter of experiences if you have any. It is better to be prepared with all the information that you may need.

Third tip is on your dressing and grooming. You must dress up professionally. You must wear neat and tidy clothes. Your hair should be in place. Your shoes must be polished. If you are a women then apart from the points already mentioned you need to ensure that your makeup is not very bright. Your nail colours should be put properly. Your grooming is very essential no matter what the industry you are going for an interview. These may seem minor points but they can make a huge difference in your impression.

The fourth tip that we are going to discuss is about facing the interview. You must find out in advance if the interview will be panel one or it will be by one single person. You need to also find out if the interview is a human resource round or it is an operations round. A human resource round is generally an interactive one. Whereas an operation round is a more technical one.

If you are asked a question that you don’t know the answer for there is nothing wrong in saying that you don’t know rather than giving a wrong answer. When asked a question keep the answer to the point. There is no need to give extra information. If there is a point where you don’t feel like agreeing with the interviewer never get into an argument. You can politely mention what you feel and it is up to the panel to decide if they are for what you have suggested.

The fifth tip is on the way you present your answers. Keep your tone polite and reply courteously. Before you get in ask for permission. Sit only when you are requested to. Have a smile on your face. You must individually greet all those who are present in the interview panel. It does not hold good if there is only one person interviewing you. You can refer the person with name during the interview if it’s a multinational company.  If it’s an Indian company then you must address the concerned with sir. You must keep your cell phone in the silent mode while you are in the interview. Answer to all the questions patiently even if it is asked a number of times. Sometimes the interviewer wants to check your temperament by doing this. The interviewer may ask you some questions that may seem irreverent to you. Nevertheless, you must answer to all that is being asked. Some time the interviewer might ask you a question that is already answered in your job application that does not mean that you should not answer that question if asked. Never say tha the answer is in the bio data. You can however mention that as already mentioned in the bio data the answer is so and so.

The sixth tip and the most important point in an interview is how to ask questions. Sometimes the interviewer might ask you if there are any more questions that you have in your mind. You need to handle this situation very intelligently. Ask questions about your job profile, about how you can grow in the organisation, etc. Never ask about the salary unless you are asked to mention what you are expecting. Another mistake people often do is they as if they are selected for the job which again is definitely not a good question. Never ask if you are selected. The interviewer might as you when you can join the company just answer the notice period of your present employer.

I hope these interview tips and tricks will help you to understand how to prepare for a job interview better. We wish you all the best for your interviews. Remember that interview not only checks the academic and professional abilities of a person it also checks the attitude of the individual. If you don’t have the right attitude you cannot work or grow in any organisation.

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