Indo Pak Relations: Mere Dushman Mere Bhai

As we approach the Independence Day of India (it is 14th August at the time of writing this) and it is the Pakistan’s Independence Day too, we would like to write on the sensitive issue of Indo Pak relations. Of course as we all know the situation has been sort of “mere dushman mere bhai” for the past nearly 7 decades since both countries got separated after Independence from foreign rule.

Enter 21st Century

Indo Pak Relations

Indo Pak Relations

We wont repeat the incidents and history and they are too well known for everyone but would try to analyze the situation from the current perspective. Today as we take a fresh look at this topic, we are well into the 21st century and nearly finish one and half decades of entry into the same. Yet it is quite surprising that some things never change, at least not for the better even with such a long span of time.

The Connection

Though history is a documented record of events and very useful for future as well, there is one flaw in it that it is subject to perspective glare, meaning thereby that whatever may have been the incidents and their immediate or local reasons at that time, the perception towards them keeps changing over time and with the mindset and other factors.

It is true that earlier both countries were one and basically are closely connected in terms of culture, language and as far as common citizens are concerned, a majority of them do hold goodwill for their cross border counterparts, and the differences that exist are mainly in the higher echelons of the powers that be.

Factors at Play

Having said that, the situation has been made so complicated due to a mixture of factors involving economics, politics, political will or rather the lack of it, that it is not an easy task to have perfectly normal relations again. Yet this is something which is extremely necessary for both sides. The resources and energies that go in conflicts can be harnessed for providing the basic amenities of life to millions of people both sides of the border.

Border Reality

The ground realities are certainly different and bitter and every other day there are news about insurgency, LOC issues and infiltration. Yet if the authorities at the highest levels decide that they have to end all this, it can surely be done over time. No problem can be so huge that even 70 years are not sufficient to find ways to sort it out. If it lingers on at this scale, it simply implies that genuine efforts were not made and there are vested interests who want to keep the matters alive for their own selfish reasons.

So it is high time that the betterment of Indo Pak relations is given a high priority. Of course this does not mean succeeding to any irrational demands of our neighbour neither does it mean to keep mum towards any anti-national activities carried out across the border. But that is not a cause for concerns as our armed forces are fully capable to tackling any offensive and they have demonstrated more than once in the past by heroically defending the borders and there are countless stories of brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves for their Motherland.

Peace is Prosperity

Both countries have their own sets of internal problems like poverty, hunger, lack of education, backward areas, social issues to name a few which are much more massive and important for the general public. A common man even at the other side of the border certainly wants a good lifestyle, good education, equal opportunities and prosperity above all things.

Infact there are many families which got split during the 1947 division and have half of their people on this side of the border and half on the other. Many ignoramuses quote the difference of the main religions as one reason of the conflict between the two sides but any learned person can tell you that basically the Hindu Puran and Holy Quran basically teach the same principles above God and life and these differences are only made by people who never want peace but want something or the other to go on.

Peace is always preferred over confrontation, and patience always pays, so instead of letting the problem linger on for ever, it is time that the political leadership sets an example by taking care of this issue and showing to the world that such matters can be handled and ended with mutual understanding and cooperation rather than dragging it for ages, causing inconvenience to both sides.

What Next?

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