Justice For Nirbhaya Amanat Finally

It is said that the law has a long reach and nothing can escape the law. Yet in the developing countries such as India, just ask a common person and he/she would easily tell that in actual practice cases get delayed for ages due to various reasons.

Goddess of Justice

Goddess of Justice

Justice Delivered Finally

In this background it is really a welcome surprise and a change that the braveheart who suffered an unfortunate incident of gang rape got justice within a span of 9 months. Many new channels and media have reported that this is a lot of delay but I think we should look at the glass half full rather than half empty.

The Background

I dont want to repeat the gruesome incident but anyone wants to know the brief details can check out this article, plus we had also written a poem to honour the braveheart when the entire nation developed a voice of unison, rarely seen before.

Whatever damage was done cannot be undone, but still the deliverance of relatively quick judgement and the strong punishment given to the offenders should probably act as a deterrent to such crimes. Of course we know very well that even today the country is full of such crimes, and whereas on one hand we are about to celebrate Navratris where the feminine aspect of nature is given the highest reverence, there are also incidents occurring day in and day out in literally every nook and corner of the nation, rather the globe.

Cause & Cure

This again leads us to the very basic question, what is fundamentally wrong, and why do men view women as only objects of lust. We stated this earlier in a discussion and say again, that the root cause of the problem lies in the mind itself and unless and until there is development at that level, strong outward actions, laws and enforcement would be required to curb this menace.

In a country where Vedas considered women with reverence and celibacy was considered cool, it is really amazing how things have changed. This has not only resulted in crimes against women, but also general deterioration in the family culture and increasing rates of breaking relationships.

The Legal Verdict

Of course the convicted will surely apply in the higher court of law and probably the highest court as well but it is unlikely that anything would change as normally the higher courts would only change the decision if some contrary evidence or facts are found. So we leave that to the judicial system which would surely do what is best.

So the moral of the story is, though we can always feel happy about the fact that the brave girl received justice, we should also ponder on how should this situation be improved. There could be big debate on the causes and probable cures, but if we just improve our own thoughts, then it should make a big difference to the society as a whole.

We should use this individual case as a platform to explore the deeper issues and the phenomenon of crime against women as a whole and hope that with the application of stricter laws, speedy justice and public awareness, such things are reduced in the future.

There perhaps will never be an utopian society free of crime but at least we can work our best to make a system where people feel scared to commit a crime and know the consequences of such acts, then certainly lot of improvement will come

Just think over it….

What Next?

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