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We will in this article discuss the very inspiring life of Sir Isaac Newton. We hope you will find this article interesting and informative. He was born on 25th December 1642. Sir Isaac Newton was born three months after the death of his father. His father was a farmer.

He was born premature and was a small baby. His mother took great care of him and brought him up single handed. However, loneliness pushed her to marry again. Sir Isaac Newton was three years old when his mother remarried. He was never very fond of his step father. He hated his mother because she married again. S

ir Isaac Newton lived a lonely childhood. He was taken care of by his maternal grandmother. Sir Isaac Newton confessed that he wanted to kill his father and mother once. Sir Isaac Newton’s disturbed childhood shattered his view on marriage and relationships.

After growing up he did get engaged to someone. However, he was never married. This is all that could be found about the personal life of Sir Isaac Newton. We will now move on to the other aspects of the life history of Sir Isaac Newton.

Sir Isaac Newton would go to school regularly. He was a little short tempered and would not mingle with other kids. Later his mother who was now widow for the second time removed him from school. He was seventeen then she wanted him to become a farmer.

Sir Isaac Newton was not very fond of farming. Henry stokes who was a master in the school met the mother of Sir Isaac Newton and convinced her that she should send him back to school. He went back to school and also topped the school.

A lot of stories from the life of Sir Isaac Newton clearly state the fact that he had Asperger Syndrome. This is a mental disorder found in children. These children are clumsy and don’t interact much with others. They like to stay in their own world. If they are approached they withdraw and become more quite. Today there is treatment for this disorder. In those days when Sir Isaac Newton was born there was no possible way to treat this problem.

Sir Isaac Newton went to Trinity College in Cambridge. He was very good with maths. He made many theories in calculus. His brain was sharp and he had a different approach to the subject. He was regarded very high in the Cambridge. In 1667 he discovered the theory of gravitational force. This remains to be one of his greatest discoveries.

It is also one of those discoveries that change the world forever. It is said that one day an apple fell on his head. He was with a friend and he discussed why apple always fall down and don’t go sideways. It was this small incident that inspired such a huge discovery. Similarly later he used the same concept to understand that there was a possibility that the gravitational pull extends much more than we think.

This was how he proved the gravitational force between all the planets. The decedents of this famous apple tree can still be found. Sir Isaac Newton did not belive in god. In those days to become a fellow of the Trinity college one would have to become a priest. Sir Isaac Newton avoided the same as he did not belive in the concept. He was selected for the very prestigious Lucasian Chair. Charles II was convinced by the arguments that Sir Isaac Newton had and he allowed Sir Isaac Newton to continue without becoming a priest.

Sir Isaac Newton was highly respected and his theories were considered to be one of the best in the field of calculus and maths. Sir Isaac Newton was a genius. From 1670 to 1672 Sir Isaac Newton would give lecture on optics. He was the first to discover that a light can be refracted using a prism. He wrote many books on his theories.

Sir Isaac Newton had even interest in astronomy. He discovered the gravitational forces. He also found the orbits of planets and the gravitational pull that the planets often face. The universal law of motion was first presented by Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac Newton got international recognition with the Principia. His contribution to the classification of cubics is also very phenomenal.  In his last years Sir Isaac Newton showed interest in reading the Bible. He had said that his study of Bible tells him that the world will end in 2060.

Sir Isaac Newton became weak as he was growing old. He was much into alchemy. When he died in 1727 he was living with his niece and her husband. There were traces of mercury found in his hair. Perhaps this was the result of alchemy that he was practicing.

This could also be the reason for his unexplainable behaviour in the last few years of his life. In 1693 he had also suffered from a sudden nervous breakdown.  His body was buried in the Westminster Abbey. The Britishers had gathered to offer their respect to this great scientist. His statue can still be found in the Oxford University.

Sir Isaac Newton was indeed one of the most talented scientists that the world has ever seen. We hope that you found this article on the life history of Sir Isaac Newton interesting. He was a great man and had a vision. No wonder he is still remembered and respected as the most successful scientists of all times. He was a legend and will continue to live on.

His legacy was made more popular post his death. Many books and poems were dedicated to Sir Isaac Newton. The apple incident was presented in many ways. He is a known name all across the world. The discoveries that he made had changed the world forever. They still inspire the young scientists. He was a genius that perhaps the world will never see again.

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