Newly Created Hubs Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a very popular trend that has come up in the last two decades or so. This is mainly because of the massive development in the sector of information technology. Thanks to information technology, specifically to the networking, one can be at any part of the world and keep outsourcing your jobs to various other countries. Most of the jobs that are related to the back end operations are outsourced all across the world. We will now discuss about the new created hubs of outsourcing.

The main reason for outsourcing is economical labour rates and and more profits. The jobs are generally outsourced from the developed economies to the developing economies. This is mainly because the cost of labour in these countries is much lower. Even less that thirty percent of the labour cost in the outsourcing countries.

The major regions that outsource their jobs are Europe and United States. The country where most of the jobs were outsourced so far was India. It has been the favourite country for outsourcing jobs. The country has a huge work force of young professionals who were ready to work at lower salaries. The country has a good infrastructure. The most important of all the young professionals of the country are well aware of computers and can speak very good English. The outsourcing business has transformed the economy of the country.

Looking at the success of India many countries across the world have started to gear up for this opportunity. There are many countries that are calling these outsourcing companies to invest in their economies. Some of them are promising an even more economical labour rates. We will now discuss more about the new created hubs of outsourcing. These have the potential of becoming a threat to outsourcing business in India.

The first in the list is the Columbia’s Barranquilla. It is expanding fast, the workforce is professional and the cost is also not very high. It is becoming a big outsourcing hub. This can be a good option for the companies in the North America. This can be a major reason for the reduction of outsourcing jobs coming to India.

Poland is emerging as another important destination for outsourcing. The country has been growing for the last twenty one years. In spite of Europe’s economic crisis the country remains to do well economically. It is becoming one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world. For Europe it is a much easier option as it is geographically closer as well. The quality of the professionals is also quite high making it a hot favourite in outsourcing destination in the world. The outsourcing business started to grow ten years back and is already a major contributor to the economy.

The countries like China and Taiwan are also coming up. They may soon become the hot favourites in outsourcing. They don’t have a strong English speaking community this is considered to be their greatest bottle neck. They have realised this shortcoming and they are working hard on ensuring that they soon have a large population that is good with both spoken and written English. They already have quite a bit of outsourcing happening in these countries. Most of the businesses are on a trial basis. It may happen that in the coming few years it may become one of the most popular destination for outsourcing. The labour in China is way too cheap plus they are hardworking and also very intelligent.

Kenya is another developing country and they too have a large work force. Kenya has been looking at the outsourcing business very closely. They expect that in the next few years they will be able to position Kenya as one of the most sorted destinations for outsourcing. They are planning to create thirty thousand jobs in the coming few years. This is the plan at this stage, however, looking at the dedication it might not be impossible for Kenya to achieve this target. After all they definitely have the cheapest work force among all the hubs that we have mentioned so far.

Many more countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan are also looking at options of capitalising on the outsourcing business. They are trying to train professionals and make a good opportunity for the economy of the country to improve.

Well one thing is for sure that the business of outsourcing is becoming more and more complex with a lot of countries putting their resources into the same. New created hubs of outsourcing are many and almost every day new hubs are being added. Profitability is what runs the concept of outsourcing.

As there is a better competition now it will become more difficult for India to retain its supreme position in this sector. India will not go out of business as it has the most experience in dealing with this sector. However, the business may see a downward trend. Let’s wait and watch.

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