Origin of Vedic Mathematics

Vedas are our ancient scriptures; these are believed to hold the key to all mysteries and knowledge in the world. When we talk of knowledge we think of all the subjects that are taught in schools. One such subject is maths. I know many of us have always dreaded the subject. We will now discuss about the origin of Vedic mathematics.

Vedic Maths Explained

Origin of Vedic Maths

Vedic maths is also like the common maths that we are taught in schools. However, there is a difference in approach, a difference that can make the most complex of calculations as easy as a simple addition. The Vedas are old. They were taught in the Gurukuls. These are written in Sanskrit – One of the most ancient languages in the world. As time moved we forgot the importance of vedas and the knowledge they contain. For years people could not understand the maths that was included in the Vedas itself. There was a section called Ganita Sutra in the Vedas that was primarily a book that only had words. There were no numbers mentioned in this section. This is exactly why scholars would often laugh at it that something that is named Ganita Sutra (meaning maths) actually had no maths in it. However, Bharati Krishna as noted scholar in Sanskrit was attracted towards this section of the Vedas. He studied these texts on maths and was amazed at the amount of knowledge it held on maths. There were such shortcuts and formulas in these texts that could make the most complex of the calculations a matter of seconds.

Bharati Krishna translated and modified the original sixteen sutras in the Vedas on maths and wrote sixteen volumes to explain the Vedic mathematic system. Finally he compiled it as Vedic mathematics and published in 1965. By the time the book was published Bharati Krishna was already dead. Years later few English mathematicians named Kenneth Williams, Andrew Nicholas and Jeremy Pickles took interest in this lesser known subject. They too were amazed to see how easy it made calculations. They held many lectures in London on this book. The book is now out of print. Andrew Nicholas was so fascinated that he made about four trips to India in order to understand the Vedic maths better. He met people who knew the subject. Ironically the Indian scholars started to take interest in the subject only when they saw that some foreigners found the knowledge unparallel.

People and mathematicians from all over the world started to get attracted towards the subject on Vedic mathematics. This was so because they all by know from whatever knowledge they had could make out that this is going to change the way we calculate forever. This is exactly what happened. Thanks to the extensive research that was being done in 1984 about three more books were published by the well known Vedic Mathematics Research Group. As a token of respect for the great man named Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji who had dedicated his life in understanding the meaning of the Vedic maths. These books were published on this death anniversary. Why not? Without his interest and initial contribution no one would ever understand the true meaning of the Vedic maths. Origin of Vedic Mathematics is an old event but Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji rediscovered it for the world.

You will be surprised to know that Vedic mathematics is now taught in most of the schools as a subject. St James’ School in London was the first in the world that introduced this subject. It was later followed by a number of other schools. Now it is even a part of the syllabus that is taught in the Indian schools. This is sad that the subject which owes it origin to India lost its glory with time. Only when the scholars from United States started to appreciate its worth it became popular in India. Moreover, India was the last country to add this subject into their syllabus.

In 1998 there was the first website that was dedicated to the subject. Which was much later internet became a household name. The subject is so interesting and there are so many people who want to know more about it that today we have about seven hundred thousand links on the subject. Unbelievable right! The strangest part is that for years people did not even know about the subject and today it is almost impossible for us to think of any complicated calculation without using the principles of Vedic mathematics.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explained the significance of the subject in 1988. He requested all the Maharishi schools around the world to teach the subject. According to him the Vedic mathematics was the software that made the cosmic computer work. The cosmic computer according to him was the computer that ran the whole universe. This teaching of his was published in 1988 as the cosmic calculator. For years we have come across many prodigies who perform the most complex calculations in seconds.

Ampere was one of such prodigies. At the young age of three he could solve the complex problems that even his father overlooked. We cannot say how they developed these skills. Maybe they had some inbuilt and natural talents to understand the complexities of number and they could solve the most complex calculations of all. Jedediah Buxton was another example he could multiply the most complex numbers. His technique was simple as he later clarified the same. However, this was his tremendous memory power that helped him.

What we are trying to say here is that not all of us have the natural abilities to become a mental calculator. However, the Vedic mathematics claims that any of us can become a mental calculator by practising the same. It might be true that the prodigies we have named above were using the same Vedic technique without even knowing that they are using these. Many Indian mathematic prodigies have accepted that they know Vedic mathematics and they have been using the same to do the complex calculation in their mind. However, the power was misused by many in India. They would do the complex calculations and claim they are gods. The poor and not so well educated people of India would belive them and make them gods.

Well I am sure now you know what exactly Vedic maths is, all about the Origin of Vedic Mathematics and how it was rediscovered. There are many books that you will find today on the subject. It has been simplified and translated in almost all Indian as well as international languages. The techniques used are simple. Even a person with average intelligence can understand the same and apply these to do the most complex calculations. Whether you are a student or you are a working professional. You must know the simple tricks and calculation systems in Vedic maths.

This will help you to make your life much better. You might be surprised that by years of practice you can actually do these calculations even faster than a calculator. You can teach the same to your children. They will definitely find this technique of calculation much easy. Their grades will improve and as a result they will move towards a brighter future.

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