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We try to give a proper review of the various colleges in India so that our readers can have a good idea about the universities and if they should join the same. Especially colleges, universities and institutes in the private sector have to be chosen carefully since many private universities do not have a good reputation in India. In this article today we will discuss the Indian School of Business popularly known as ISB. ISB stands for the Indian School of Business. It is located in Hyderabad. Started in 2001, the ISB has the best infrastructure among all the business schools in India. The ISB was started in association with the Wharton and Kellogg Business Schools.

Infrastructure at ISB

The campus of ISB is huge and has all the facilities that a student may need in college. The hostel rooms are well maintained. The college campus also has a state of the art library. The class rooms are all air conditioned too. The course fee of ISB is about twenty lakh. This may seem to be a huge figure. However, most of the students who come to ISB can afford this and they know that they benefit that they will get from this are huge.

The ISB has brilliant placement records. In the year 2012 they placed about six hundred and fifty students. Around three hundred and fifty companies visited the campus of ISB for recruitment. The packages that they joined at were also quite high. The average salary that the students of ISB got was 18.8 lakh in 2012. This is a figure that was achieved in the times of recession.

ISB Hybderabad

ISB Hybderabad

The Faculty at ISB

We will now move on to the faculty of ISB that plays a vital role in the quality of education that one gets in this college. The ISB is not recognized by AICTE. This does not make much difference as the course quality of ISB is one of the best in the country. The ISB offers only executive MBA programs.

As the name clarifies the MBA in ISB is meant only for the working professionals. This is exactly why you will get students in ISB who have two to twenty five years of working experience behind them.

The professors at ISB are very professional and they know the subjects really well. They are achievers in their own fields and they have been doing a great job for years now. The ISB also had tie ups with the London business school. The students get a good exposure due to the tie ups of ISB.

Course Structure at ISB

The course in ISB is about one to two years. The students hardly get any time to hang out. They need to spend most of the time studying and preparing notes. To get admission into ISB you must prepare for GMAT. The GMAT is given to get admission to MBA colleges across the world. If you want to get into the college ensure that you have a good GMAT score.

The ISB is one of the few institutes in India that has a MBA program that can be considered world class. So if you want to get the best MBA course in India do join in the ISB. Many students who have studied in ISB will tell you that they have benefited a lot from the course and it did give a boost to their career. Many have got placed in foreign countries post their MBA from the ISB. The ISB has definitely helped students shape their careers and will continue to do so.

Some say that the ISB might take away the charm from the IIM. Well this will perhaps take some time but it can be a possibility in the future. Let’s just wait and watch. As the ISB has students coming from different corporate sectors and with diverse range of experiences, the course gives them a good chance to network. This really helps them in their careers.

A Common Confusion

Some people feel that ISB and IBS Hyderabad is the same. We would like to clarify they are not the same at all. The latter is also a popular business school but it is entirely different from ISB Hyderabad and falls in the category of ICFAI Institute, though we will take up this institute in a separate article.

Legality of Indian School of Business

Despite all the plus points we would certainly like to mention in passing that the ISB is not a university as per UGC guidelines, neither are their courses recognized by the AICTE. Although this should not be a problem at all in the private sector where image and branding go a huge way and ISB is well established, still for those who might think of using the certificate at places like government jobs etc should be careful of this point.  Having said that, it should not be much of a problem since the students who wish to join ISB are not teenagers or even fresh graduates but normally experienced in corporate sector so by that time they already know what is best for them.


Some claim the ISB to be one of the best business schools in India too. If you want you can visit the official site of the college to get any other information about the same. The ISB is relatively a new college compared to the other business schools in India. However, we would definitely recommend it to all. The education that you will get in this college will be the best no doubt. The fee may seem a little too high but it is worth the benefits that you will enjoy.

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