Shipping Management Courses

Shipping or merchant navy is certainly an exciting career and we have been learning about careers at sea in our marine knowledge website. Yet apart from the personnel which are on board the ships, there is a lot going on at land as well in terms of management and this is where shipping management courses come in the picture.

The shipping companies have to manage all the ships under them, manage the personnel, ensure adherence to industrial, safety and legal standards and much more. Infact ship managers are no less busy than their sea going counterparts and play a vital role in shipping industry.

To become a professional ship manager, there are many courses that are available all across the world. The numbers are just increasing with the day. We will now discuss about these courses as this is a subject that you need to take interest in case you are planning to make a career in ship management.

Shipping Management Courses

Shipping Management Courses

As you can understand that it is not possible to discuss each and every course available globally in this article but we will take a generic view of the same. Most of the courses have the common goal of training and grooming ship managers and understanding the below mentioned criteria will help you choose a course of your own choice, budget and circumstances.

The training and curriculum of such courses gives the ship managers an understanding of how the ships must be managed.The training also gives stress on how the safety standards of the ship must be maintained so that the voyages are less eventful.

The course also trains the ship managers on the shipping standards that must be maintained in the sea.  This gives them a chance to understand the complexities of ship management both in the coastal waters as well as in the high seas.

The international complexities of ship management are also covered. The shipping industry and the shipping world are changing so the people concerned must know how to ensure that they are aware of all the changes.

The shipping management courses can be both full time and part time. If it is part time it is called diploma in shipping management. The part time course is basically designed for those who cannot leave their jobs and get into a full time course. The full time courses are any time more professional and more exhaustive. The full time course is combined with practical training and classroom sessions. This makes it more effective.

There are many colleges that offer both full time and part time shipping management courses. You can find out the details online and apply for the courses. The names of some colleges that offer this course in India are Noida International University, International Marine School of Professional Courses, Amet University Chennai, Indian Institute of Material Management to name a few.

If you want an international exposure then you can also do this course from the United Kingdom and United States as there are many colleges there that provide shipping management courses. This will give your course international exposures. These courses are also designed online so that students from all over the world can avail the benefits of these courses. The full time degree offers a MBA in shipping management courses and a part time course offers a diploma in shipping management courses.

The duration of the full time shipping management courses is about two years in almost all the colleges all over the world. Eligibility is that you must have a bachelor’s degree that can be in any field. At the end of the course you will have to pass the tests and you will get certified. One of the most reputed diploma in shipping management course is given by Lloyds.

Many institutes also offer distance learning courses in shipping management. The distance learning courses are managed with study materials that are sent to the students. Online classes are held. The lecturers and professors take sessions online. The students can ask their queries during these classes and can get them answered directly. This makes the shipping management courses more effective and professional. This is possible only because of the immense technical improvements that science has made in the last few years.

Even at the end of these online modules tests and assignments are given to the students to understand their level of understanding on the course. Once they complete the tests successfully they are given the certificate of completion. This certificate too has a good deal of recognition and acceptance in the shipping companies. Don’t feel that distance learning in shipping management courses is not good enough.

Subjects Covered

The subjects that are mostly covered in the shipping management courses are as mentioned in the adjacent image.

Ship Management Courses

Ship Management Courses

These subjects remain more or less the same in all the courses all over the world. Some shipping management courses might have a few more or a few less number of subjects.

The diploma shipping management courses can have some specialization courses like the ship broking for ship managers and fleet technical management. The part time shipping management courses can be for a little over a year in duration.

When you search online about shipping management courses you can go to the official sites of the colleges and institutes that we have mentioned in this article and you will get all the information that you need to know about the shipping management courses. The applications are opened for some time during the year. You need to fill the form and submit it. If you are selected for the course you will be informed accordingly.

This is the basic details that you need to know about shipping management courses. You can either join it as a full time course or do a part time as per your requirement and time considerations. The course is a comprehensive one. The colleges that we have mentioned above can be trusted completely with the course. Apart from these colleges there can be many more who are offering these courses. However, you must ensure that they are recognised by the appropriate authorities of the country before you join them.

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