Student Career Guidance Series – Merchant Navy

How to join merchant navy? If you are looking for an answer to this question then you will be pleased to know that you have clicked the best link possible out there. In today’s article of ours on student career guidance series we are going to discuss all about Merchant Navy jobs.

The stream is no doubt a popular one. It is gaining even more popularity as the career options in navy are many. You will have a huge potential to grow. Even before you realise you will be moving from one country to another and doing a job that is definitely not a boring nine to five one. The job is definitely exciting even though it could seem a bit challenging at the outstart.

Student Career Guidance Series - Merchant Navy

Student Career Guidance Series – Merchant Navy

Well before we go any further let us discuss the eligibility for the Merchant Navy course. You must be a science graduate from a reputed college. Sometimes even students who have completed their twelfth standard can also apply for these courses. However, your subjects must have been science and maths in your tenth plus two. This is also called direct entry to the navy. Physically the student must be fit and have strong eyesight. There should be no traces of colour blindness.

Let us now discuss a little more on the duration and the subjects that are a part of this course. This will give you an idea about what you can expect from the training. The course is a four year course. In this the students are trained on maintenance of ships, handling navigational instruments, environmental protection, etc. The training has a good blend of theory and practical training. Marine engineering training is given in many eminent colleges all over India. One of them are MERI (Marine Engineering research institute). There are many more institutes like this.

There is a common entrance test that is held every year. It is called the IIT-JEE. The students need to download the application forms and apply for the course. If the students clear the test they are called for counselling and physical tests. In the counselling the candidates are tested by experts to see if they have the basic skills and abilities that are required to be a good navy officer. Only when they qualify these rounds they are taken into the marine engineering course.

Before you join a marine engineering course just ensure that the course is a recognised one and is of high repute. Once you have completed the four year course you can join the merchant navy as deck cadet. For promotions you will have to keep giving a lot of exams from time to time and also keep gaining experience.  After each exam you will get a certificate of competency that will help you apply for the next level promotions.

In case of direct entry as a deck cadet the students have to complete a nine month course that is organised by MERI (Marine Engineering Research Institute). This is called the pre sea training. There are some candidates who want to enter the navigational jobs or the jobs related to the engineering fields they need to complete a bachelors degree in nautical science from a marine engineering college.

In case you are still not sure of this career for you. We will tell you the qualities that you must have in order to become a Navy officer. You must be strong from inside if you are dreaming a career in merchant navy. You should be sporting and adaptive to the situations life gives you. The sense of responsibility and commitment required in merchant navy is very high. The person who selects this job must have a spirit for adventure and challenges.

As already said that you will have to manage your job and studies in order to succeed and reach better levels. The candidate must be hard working and must have a team spirit. Apart from these the most important quality is that one must have the mental ability to stay away from their family and their loved ones for a major part of their life. If you have all these abilities in you then this is the profession that you must go for.

There are many jobs in merchant navy. The requirements are both in India as well as all over the world. The salaries and the remuneration that you will get is very high from the beginning itself. Needless to say, that it will only increase with experience. You will get a chance to visit a lot of countries no doubt.

This is all that we have to share in our student career guidance series for Merchant Navy. I hope you have got a clear idea of the same and you will be now able to take a better decision about this career. All the best! Hope you soon become a Navy officer.

NB: No doubt this is an excellent career but due to lack of knowledge and full understanding, plus thanks to some dubious agents, many people, students and their families get cheated. Just contact us if you want some genuine information related to merchant navy without any obligation.

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