The Brave Gals

The story of brave hearts keeps repeating often

Still the society’s heart of stone doesn’t seem to soften

Brave Gals

Brave Gals

But who cares now we have decided to take matters in our hand

Before time slips from our age, like the smooth sea sand

When the Independence Day is again so near

Just look at us and feel our pain o brothers dear

We have finally decided to stand up for our right

We will live life fully and take it as a battle fight

It is only that Nirbhaya changes her body and name

There is still so much around which can put us to shame

So take a moment to reflect again on this day and think

Hope the society is not on the disasters brink

For if such incidents go on unabated without any reason

When will you sisters be safe, be it any place or season

So think again at least even for your own sake

We will not allow it to happen, this pledge you should take

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