Twitter Versus Facebook: The Mega Showdown

In this article on Twitter versus Facebook, we will talk about the two giants in the world of social networking. Normally in the world of social networking we are often left with a lot of choices. We are so confused at times that we are not able to actually decide which the social networking site that we must use is. Well the answer is something that we can help you with. We in this article will compare the two most popular networking sites Twitter vs. Facebook. This will help you to decide which the site that you must be in is. We will discuss the two on the basis of some simple points. These points are:

  1. Do people prefer Complexity– If you ask a suggestion we would say that the Twitter is any day simpler compared to the Facebook. The Twitter believes that simplicity lasts longer and has a better impact on the users.  The Facebook is complex it has too many features and details that makes it very difficult to use. Let’s see who wins the long run.
  2. The rules that cannot be broken– the second point that we will discuss in Twitter vs. Facebook is the fact that Facebook is undoubtedly more popular. More people have a Facebook account than a Twitter account. This is one reason that Facebook is more strict. It has more rules that a person needs to follow. Twitter on the other hand has fewer rules. Too many rules sometimes make the Facebook a little irritating. In the past there have been reports that the Facebook profiles were hacked and personal information was stolen. This is exactly why the Facebook has become more strict in its operations.
  3. The community size – The third point that we will consider in the Twitter vs. Facebook is about community. The Facebook has the ability to support huge community. The Twitter as it is simple cannot support a lot of people. The Twitter gets cluttered very soon. The Facebook was designed to handle a huge community this is exactly why it can support a lot of people and still look organised. Twitter must ensure that they clear the clutter and make the site look more organised. If this is not done then soon people will become disinterested in Twitter. The Facebook is better designed but even too many features can make it more complex and difficult to follow.
  4. The more the merrier– The Facebook have a membership of about six hundred million users. The Twitter is only at two hundred million. The difference is huge indeed. This proves that the Facebook is definitely more popular and is doing much better. The Twitter is catching up with the popularity of the Facebook. Let’s see if the Twitter can ever beat the popularity of the Facebook.
  5. Sharing pictures- This is a vital point that must be mentioned in the debate on Twitter vs. Facebook. Well the Facebook can give us the chance of sharing pictures and getting more updates than the twitter. Twitter does not allow this. This is a very big point on why the twitter is losing popularity. On the other hand as the Facebook allows sharing pictures. A lot of cases have been filed in the past when the people using Facebook have reported that their pictures were taken by people they don’t even know. This makes Facebook little unsafe to load and share pictures. Facebook has ensured that it takes steps to avoid this but these problems keep occurring.
  6. Innovation vs. Simplicity– Facebook is dynamic it keeps changing. Very frequently you will notice how the profile and the features of the Facebook change. The twitter on the other hand is simple. It does not show any signs of change. Some people who prefer simplicity stick to the twitter as loyalists. Some people who like complexities consider Facebook more interesting. Perhaps change is the spice of life. We all get bored of regular things. We want to know what the latest updates are and we want to know new things. This is one point where the Facebook score better than the twitter.
  7. Twitter is not user friendly – Many people who use Facebook have said that the twitter is not user friendly. They say that they fail to understand what exactly they should do with the twitter. It looks very simple and there is not much to do on the twitter. This is exactly why they get confused about the whole thing and go back to the Facebook where most of their friends are.
  8. Full of activity– Facebook is stuffed with activities. It is more happening. Almost everyone you know is there on Facebook. You can play games, share your scores, you can share links, you can chat, you can take funny quizzes, you name it and the activity is present on the Facebook. The twitter on the other hand is simpler and does not have any activities. This is a main cause for Facebook being more popular.
  9. Marketing– We cannot deny the fact that the Facebook is more talked about. It is more marketed than the twitter. Almost everyone knows about the Facebook. People no matter what their age is can be seen on the Facebook. It is a platform that is common to all. The Twitter on the other hand is more restricted. It is limited to only a particular age group. It is not marketed very well and as a result very few people make a profile in there.

These points on Twitter vs. Facebook will help you to decide the social network that you want to go for. We hope that this comparison will help you to take a better decision for yourself.

Some people prefer Facebook and some still feel that Twitter is the best. It also depends on the preferences and what exactly that you are looking for in a social networking site. Both the social networking sites have their own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s wait and watch which site wins the race finally. A lot of it depends on the users. If the users feel that Twitter is better it will always rule and similarly if the users feel that Facebook is more interesting it will remain the most popular.

Social network is a very personal space. This is exactly why different people will have different preferences. Some will like it cluttered and some will prefer it simple. We feel that both the social networking sites have their own pros and cons. This is exactly why both of them have the ability to rule in the future. It is only the future that holds all answers to these arguments.

We will be putting a survey soon to gather your views about Twitter vs Facebook so keep a lookout!!!

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