What Is Pinterest And How To Use It?

We are all familiar with names like Facebook and Twitter (if anyone isnt please speak out, we would like to see such a Saintly person who is away from material desires of cyberspace) yet how many of you have heard the name Pinterest?

Confused? well then you are just at the right place. We will in this article discuss about what Pinterest is and how to use it. Perhaps you might have heard about the same but perhaps you don’t know how what exactly it is and how you can use the same.

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest Logo

What is Pinterest and Why Should it Interest Me?

Pinterrest is a simple tool that can be used to collect and organise things. Many people across the world are using Pinterrest in their lives and benefiting from the same. The Pinterrest is a company that is based in California. You can use Pinterrest in your laptops and in your mobiles too. It can really make life easy. Just that you should know how exactly you should use the Pinterrest.

About Pinterest

Pinterrest is like a image based social media where you can share the things that you like with people who have similar passion. As a result of these sharing of knowledge you gain more knowledge about the topic that interests you. To join the Pinterrest you need to visit their official site. All you need to provide is your email address along with your name.

The Process

You will get an invite to join the website of Pinterrest. If you want to change the email id later you can also do the same. If you want that notifications should not come to your email id then you can tick the option accordingly. The Pinterrest also gives an option to change the password. You need to upload a profile picture. The profile picture can be selected from the images you have else Pinterrest will pick your profile picture from the Facebook. If you want your Pinterrest to be reflected on your Facebook and Twitter then you can do the same else you can chose not to.

As soon as you log in to the Pinterrest you can create your own pin. You can upload your pin and also create a board. You can choose the people whom you want to follow your activities. As soon as you have a new pin on the Pinterrest you will see the number of people who are already following you on the Pinterrest. This will also allow you to follow the pins of others. For example if your pin is on food you will get to share it with all those who have pins on food.

Pin It

These pins will help you to get more idea about your interest that is food. You can also look for more pin boards to follow. You can choose pin boards that are not assigned to you also. If you find a pin on someone else’s board that you like then you can re pin it to your own board. If you like a pin then you can like it as you can do on Facebook. If you want to look for your Facebook and twitter friends on Pinterrest you can also do that. A lot of Facebook and twitter users also use the Pinterrest.

We hope that this article on what is Pinterest and how to use it? Have given you a rough idea of what exactly the Pinterest is. Well the concept is new and interesting. It is similar to facebook on any other social networking site the only difference being that Pinterest can help you to live a better life and keep you informed.

Uses in Daily Life

For example you want to plan a birthday party for your child with Pinterest you will learn what you can do to make a special themed birthday party. Suppose you are a housewife and you want to share your recipes with others with the help of Pinterest you can definitely make the most of your talent. You can share it with people who have similar interest.

You can also learn new tips from them. The same holds good for any other hobby or passion like photography, interior decoration, gardening, etc. The list goes on. The best part is that you get a global platform and you can interact with people across the world and learn more from them. The Pinterest is becoming a very common concept. Many users are joining the Pinterest on a regular basis. We hope that this article will help you to decide if you want to join the same.

What Next?

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