What is SMM or Social Media Manager?

In this world of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, a person is considered dead if they are not active in the social media. We will now discuss about what is SMM or social media manager? You must have heard of the term before we will now explain what exactly the SMM or social media manager is. There are many jobs in the market for a good SMM or social media manager. If you want to know more about it then you have clicked the right link.

Social Face of Brands

Well every brand and company has a profile and page in the social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Suppose you are the owner of a brand and you want your product to be on Facebook. Generally speaking, it would be difficult if not impossible for you to personally update these social sites with regular and latest updates in your brand.

For this you will hire a SMM or social media manager who will do this job of managing the various updates on the Facebook or Twitter. Please note that when we mentioned the words FB and Twitter, we basically mean different kinds of social platforms which are plenty in number though these are more commonly used by every one of us.



Duties of SMM

SMM or social media manager will ensure that the product or the service is marketed well so that a lot of people get to know about it. The Facebook has six hundred million users. The number is only increasing. Twitter also has about two hundred million users. Just imagine if you put your product or service in Facebook what will be the magnitude of the promotion that the product will get.

Obviously it will be noticed by a lot many people and these people will help you also give feedback on the product. As Facebook is a place where a lot of individuals interact as a result you will get ideas on how you can improve your product so that it gets a better market and more recognition.

However it would be wrong to assume that the job profile of SMM is mainly related to updating FB pages or making Tweets. It goes much beyond that and no doubt the salaries of SMM are rising as shown in this graph

Modern Day Marketing

SMM or social media manager is modern day marketing. It is less expensive and has a huge coverage. This is exactly why this type of marketing is becoming more and more common. The job of a SMM or social media manager is quite challenging too. As the SMM or social media manager has to make the pages look attractive. He or she has to think out of the box so that they can come with new ideas that will attract more viewers to the product and create more awareness.

Marketing vs Social Marketing

There are lot of courses in the market on marketing. Many students graduate in marketing management every year. Yet there is no special course that can teach you about SMM or social media marketing. You can only learn about it as you work on it. The experience and the on the job training that you get will make you a better SMM or social media manager. However, it is always better that you have a basic knowledge of marketing. You must also be a person who is good at networking.

A good network always plays a vital role in SMM or social media manager. If you are not a person who can socialise and create a huge network then perhaps this job is not for you. You must have the passion for the job and have a complete knowledge of the product you are working for.

Almost all the products and services today will have a SMM or social media manager working for them this is exactly why the field is very competitive. Some big brand names have more than one SMM or social media manager working for them. After the entire brand image of the company depends on the work of the SMM or social media manager.

The Future is SMM

The experts believe that as the social networking sites are doing so well more such networking sites will come up in the future. As a result the job opportunities for the SMM or social media managers are only going to increase. Maybe in the future there will be more SMM or social media managers in the market to take care of the brand and the products. If you are planning to make a career in SMM or social media manager then this maybe the perfect time for it. The field is new and very few people actually know about this career option. This can be a great chance to make an effective career.

We will definitely recommend this career to all who have the passion and the basic skill sets for this job. We hope that this article will help you to get a better idea of what is SMM or social media manager. All the best with your career!

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