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Baseball is a popular sport and for the readers in the Asian subcontinent who are more familiar with the bat and ball version of cricket, we must say that baseball is no less a popular game and is equally interesting and competitive.  It is a very old game and references to the game in published literature can be found as long back as the year 1744 in the UK and 1791 in the USA.

So in case you think you know something about to game or want to learn more by way of fun, try taking this simple quiz which consists of 10 questions related to baseball. If you have a basic knowledge of the game, you should be able to answer these questions without much difficulty.

Each of the questions carries 1 mark each so find out how much you score out of 10 marks. Do not try to find answers anywhere but check from your memory so that you genuinely know how much information you have about the game.

So if you are ready just start answering the questions. You may also please fill in your name, email and phone below though that is not compulsory

1. What is the distance between the "points" of the bases in baseball ?
2. Who developed the first published rules of modern baseball known as "Knickerbocker Rules"
3. Who staged the first baseball world tour in 1888-1889 ?
4. Who Invented the curveball ?
5. What Hall of Famer caught a record four no-hitters in his career ?
6. Which team was known as the Gashouse Gang in baseball ?
7. Who holds the record for most home runs (38) by a pitcher ?
8. Who was the youngest player to hit 500 home runs ?
9. Who is the only player from a losing team to win a World Series MVP ?
10. Who was the first pitcher to record 300 career saves ?

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