Business Ideas For All: Part 1

Today most of us want to stay at home and work. Travelling for work is a huge stress. Especially with internet it has become very easy to do business from home. We in this article will try to discuss some business ideas that can be done by all. Most of us do not know how to go about doing the business.

This is what we are going to do in this article, discuss in details about the business that can be done from home. We are going to discuss a range of business that can be done from the home. Some of these need special knowledge and licence and some do not need anything at all.


The first business idea that we are going to talk about is making chatbots. Few years back all companies needed a website. Five years back they needed an app and now most of them need a chatbot.

Chatbots are used to message the customers and talk to them .These chatbots helps the companies to market their products and services and stay in touch with the customers. It is easy to start a chatbot business. There is a popular and free tool called the chattypeople.com that can be used to make the chatbots. Some steps that you have to follow are:

  1. Read about the bots and understand the functions.
  2. Try to understand the company who needs the chatbots.
  3. Create the account.
  4. Using the link make the bot.
  5. Then once the bot is ready you can launch it on Facebook messenger.
  6. The process is simple and there is no need for a long or complicated course.

The best part about this platform is that:

  1. It can easily work with facebook messenger and comments.
  2. It can easily push the promotions to the customers on demand.
  3. It can recognize variations on the trigger words.
  4. It can also process orders from facebook.
  5. It can easily integrate with all the main payment processing platforms.

Book Keepers

Another common and easy job that you can start from home is that of book keeping. It is easy and you do not need any specialised knowledge. Only thing that you need for this is that you have to be good with numbers. There are a lot of online invoicing tools that are absolutely free and you can use them to do the work. For example sighted.com and Due.com. These services include:

  1. Creating a balance sheet.
  2. Providing income statements.
  3. You can also create some reports that are monthly and quarterly.

Personal or virtual assistant

Another job or business that can be done from home is the one of virtual and personal assistant. It may sound boring and not interesting, but it can be a very good chance to start something from home and it is in demand. One can use Upwork.com. This is a very effective tool that can be used for doing this job. What you can do with this tool is keep a track of:

  1. Your clients.
  2. Your hours.
  3. Your daily, monthly and hourly pay rate.

Services related to marketing

This is the first business idea in the list that will need some knowledge and skill. If you do not have experience then there are some online courses that you can try. These courses are cheap and can support you with the knowledge that you would need to do the job. You can also build on the experience working from home and then start a solo digital marketing agency and these are in huge demand.

The companies are very keen on looking at freelancers for this job. They want SEO-friendly marketing copy that can transform the visitors who are coming to site into leads and eventually into customers. What you must look at as a service provider in this case is that you should be able to offer an optimized copy of the content and ensure that the SEO is improved with the help of:

  1. The right titles.
  2. Meta descriptions.
  3. The right keyword density.
  4. Tags and categories.
  5. Using relevant images with alt tags and SEO captions.

Social media consultant

Most of the business today are based on the social media like twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The job title does seem interesting and nice. However, the point many of the readers must be thinking about is how can one learn to work with this? Well it is not as complicated as you think it to be.

Twitter and Google do provide training to those who are interested in these jobs. Social media consulting has a huge potential all across the world. However, the point to be kept in mind is that this is not going to be a very long term business. It is a trend and trends do not go on for ever.

Every year new platforms are released and they take over the market. This makes the scope of expansion very limited. There are some social media management tools that you can use to make the work simple and easy.

Affiliate marketing

Another very common business idea is affiliate marketing. This is very easy to do. You can get easily involved in this and make good money. What you basically have to do is promote the services and products of other companies.

What you have to do in this is that you like a product and you will have to start to promote it. All the profit that you make comes from each sale that you are making. It is very easy to start this business.

What you have to do is:

  1. You must have a blog or a website of your own.
  2. You can explain your success by the statistics of your visitors.
  3. It is a good way to show the future clients that you have already done affiliate marketing for others.

Reviewers and testers

many start-ups and individuals look for people who can review their products and encourage people to buy the products. There are two ways of doing this either you start a freelancing website and promote the products or you keep looking for companies who want someone to promote their products.

This can help you to become an influencer. As you offer the review these companies will try to give you good money for the service that you are providing. If you have a website you can tell your clients to write a review on the service that you are providing and this will ensure that in the future you have more clients coming your way.

Remote secretarial services

This is another business that can be quite profitable and done from the comfort of your home. These jobs do not require much of experience. All that person needs to do these jobs are:

  1. Strong organizational skills.
  2. Good ability to manage time.
  3. A very strong level of autonomy.
  4. The person must have amazing communication skills.

In case you do not have much of an experience you must start with someone you already know and then slowly build your client base. The typical things that you may have to do as a remote freelancing secretary are:

  1. Answer the phone calls.
  2. Reply to the emails.
  3. Book the meetings for the clients.
  4. Organise the calendars.
  5. Put the presentations together.

We hope that this article will give you some idea about the kind of jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. We will try to come up with more such ideas in the next few articles. This is just an attempt to give the readers some idea of the different jobs that they can do from home.

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