Delhi Rape Case Incident: Are We Doing Enough?

Writing such an article at our website especially on the day when the Delhi rape incident girl (her name has been kept secret for privacy) has passed away is really a challenging task. We just need to reflect where our current society is heading, in a nation where “Maa Durga” & “Maa Kaali” are the symbols of women strength and the feminine side of the creator has been given much prominence since time immemorial.

Symbol Of Feminine Prowess

Symbol Of Feminine Prowess

Apart from the single incident which literally shook the nation, and will surely have legislative ramifications in terms of sterner laws, it is time that we pause for a while and look at the broader aspect of the problem itself.

Much has been written and done about women equality, women rights, laws and so forth, but are we missing something very basic, fundamental and vital. It might seem very philosophic and away from reality but just a slight insight would show that the problem lies much deeper and solutions has to be much more individualistic rather than a mass solution.

At the outset some of the broad things that need to be set right can be the following

  • Severe penalty for proved offenders
  • Faster disposition of such cases

This will no doubt certainly help to bring justice not only to our brave friend who is on her Heavenly journey but also hundreds perhaps thousands of silent victims who do not make it to the frontline of public attention.

Yet the age old saying goes that Prevention Is Better Than Cure so what are we doing about it

Having an example or a few examples of harsh punishment and speedy delivery of justice would surely deter things to a certain level. Yet at the psychological level, if a person is under the attack of any emotion like lust, it might not be very useful reminder during the time of actual commitment of the act.

So basically it does depend on having a calm mind, a clear thought process and above all, a state of very contended mind, which are all connected to the ability of mind control, which can be achieved either by a good education, a purpose in life, a dedication for some higher goal or even meditation.

These things again cannot be forced upon by a government who can only do limited effort but these are long term values which are closely related to a better upbringing and family relations.

Basically I wanted to say that it is really good that we have all united for the family of our Delhi friend and with them in this hour of grief, yet we should also channelize our energy and efforts for looking inwards as well and trying to see what all can we change within us. That small change would help in improving the atmosphere around us and such tiny sparks could combine to become a flame of change

As the body of the braveheart has been cremated, it has left many questions which need an answer.

Agreeably changing mindset of the populace in general is not an easy task but linked to the very problem of uplifting the society from the shallow mindset it has been attuned to, and this will certainly take time. There is a complex array of forces at play and it is not easy to analyze and dissect the full set of parameters by taking a look at the single incident.

The real change, as always, has to start simultaneously at the grassroots level, as well as trickle down from the highest echelons of the powers that be. Just shifting blame and trying to point out others will not lead us anywhere. The mass protests and marches are certainly a positive and welcome sign but it must be ensured to keep the flame of change burning within.

There are many people I interviewed, who expressed a concern that in case extremely stringent laws are passed on this issue, there is a possibility of misuse. My personal opinion on this is that of course laws have to be very stringent, but checks and balances need to be put in place just to ensure that no innocent person is victimized on false pretexts, but once the guilt has been established beyond reasonable doubt on legal grounds, can the person be subject to those severe punishment which are being introduced. And even though given the past experience with various laws, even if some changes of misuse are visible, we cannot leave the most important section of the society, for if that is the price to pay for securing women safety, then so be it.

Last but not least, man and women are just the different sides of the same coin, and a fair and just society would provide a platform for mutual growth and safety, and this can really be the basis of a new society, worth calling a modern day society.

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