Facebook: To Be Or Not To Be (A Facebooker)

The Face book has about six hundred million users. The figure is just unbelievable. However, there are some people who have a different opinion. They feel that Facebook is nothing great. Moreover it should be avoided.

We will discuss both sides of the coin to see whether to be or not to be a Facebooker

  1. The first reason many people put forward for not using the Facebook is that anyone can use it. Almost every person had a Facebook profile making it very common for all. It is not unique as a result it has become so common.
  2. The second point people say for quitting the Facebook is the fact that it removes personal touch. You may have friends on Facebook whom you have never met and friends whom you have not even met in years. Does this not reduce the worth of friendship? Friendship is not about a mouse click. It is about a lifelong relationship. It is about knowing a person. The Facebook takes away the magic of friendship.
  3. The reasons for not using Facebook also include the fact that many feel that Facebook is a waste of time. Seriously don’t you feel that a lot of your productive time is lost as you are addicted to the Facebook? You tag friends, you share posts, you play games, there are a lot of activities that you do on Facebook. About 90% of what you to in the Facebook are actually not worth the effort at all. It is a simple waste of energy and time. If this time was spent on something more useful like meeting a friend or playing a game would give better results.
  4. The people who have left the Facebook say that there is not much that you can gain from the same. For example people you meet daily you don’t need to know what they are up to. Those friends whom you rarely meet do you really need to know what they are doing? For example I met a friend through Facebook few months back. When I met her I was all excited as I was meeting her after twenty years. After a few weeks of being friends I realised that we have changed as people. The friendship that we shared in school could not have survived more than high school. This is exactly why we moved ahead in life. You cannot force a person to be your friend by just keeping them on your Facebook. So I deleted her from my friend list. Just give it a thought if you have a dear friend will you lose touch just because he or she is not on Facebook. You will definitely not. This is exactly why Facebook is a waste of time and energy.
  5. Many parents across the world feel that the Facebook is not at all good for the kids. A teenager who spends a lot of time on Facebook is exposed to a lot of danger. He or she may become friends with unknown people and as a result get into trouble. Facebook is addictive and as well as a distraction. When children use too much of the Facebook they may not be able to concentrate on their studies. This is exactly why they will get low grades and suffer in school. They may also suffer from mental problems and depression.
  6. Social networking is like a bubble. There is nothing much inside. It is going on as people feel that not being on Facebook is like being almost dead. Strange right. There was Orkut, there was a lot hype about it that faded with time. Then came the Facebook very soon all the hype about it may also end and it may become a thing of the past. It is quite possible that another social networking site will come up in few years and Facebook will become extinct. Let’s wait and watch. This can be a big reason for people quitting Facebook in the future.
  7. Some people put forward a very valid reason for reasons for not using Facebook. They say that by using the Facebook you are exposing your personal life to the world. People know what you are doing and what is happening in your life. It is not a great idea as anyone who wants to follow you can get the information from Facebook. A lot of crime happens as the Facebook is open to all.
  8. The last point that we will like to discuss about reasons for not using Facebook is the fact that there is no privacy in Facebook. People can get to know about each other by using the Facebook. The pictures can be downloaded. The Facebook accounts can be hacked, etc. The list is a long one. Facebook have made policies and taken steps to ensure that the Facebook is not misused but still crimes are reported.

Now we will see some positive aspects of using Facebook also

  1. If you are using Facebook to search for true friendship, then you are fooling around with yourself so no one else is to blame. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people despite distances and circumstances.
  2. Companies and individuals can benefit immensely by using Facebook at a business and marketing tool rather than an emotional tool
  3. The reach and spread of Facebook is phenomenal it will not go away so soon, or at least the concept of socializing in cyberspace will not go away so soon
  4. There are ample privacy settings in Facebook, but if you dont use them and post each and every activity that you do on it, then are yourself exposing to a possible crime, no one else can be blamed

So to summarize, just use Facebook as another marketing tool and a wonderful one at that and dont get emotional about it.

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