Failing Relations, Improving Prosperity: Is This Development?

At Abhishek Solutions we keep expressing our views on burning social issues which surround us in our every day lives. This seems surprising to many people who ask us that we are mainly outsourcing service providers and have no point in writing all this. We refute all such advice and continue to writing on the issues we see and face in everyday lives around us. After all we are not separate from the society and circumstances we live in.

Failing Relations: Is Development To Blame?

Relationships can be of many types and though many people believe that friendship is the best relation, still there are several other relations especially the one we are going to focus today, namely that of the unit of family which is the basis of any society – husband and wife.

We would mainly talk about the situation in India because generally speaking the institution of a family has been much stronger than its western counterparts but of late the country has seen a spurt in divorce cases, breaking up marriages, and in some cases even worst.

It has been generally observed that such cases are more prominent in the developed cities and in that also among-st the educated and professional category of people. So does this mean that development has at least some role to play. We would need to dig deeper so see if any Chi-square analysis has been done on this but from a logical perspective, this certainly seems to have some relation with development.

Advocates Perspective

The people who claim to support development and modern society say that this is just the outcome of the increasing balance between both the genders which is bringing this imbalance in the delicate relations. Combined with the professional pressures where time is a luxury which one can hardly afford, even when we have the best of other luxuries, this tends to weaken the relations further.

Other factors such as rising nuclear families with the missing moral support of other members means that even small quarrels and misunderstandings could escalate to the gigantic proportions leading to ultimate breakups

The proponents and supporters of this theory dont see anything wrong in this and say that females have been suppressed for centuries and now is the time for freedom and these factors are going to be increasing seen in the society.

Breaking Relations

Breaking Relations

The Other Side Of the Coin

We are totally in favour of the fact that both genders are just two aspects of nature and none of them has the right to claim superiority but it is only the balance between the two that the society can grow and progress.

Yet the other side of the coin simply states that there is only a certain limit to which development can be traded off for weakening relations. The society does not live by money alone but is built up of families which in turn require that the most delicate relation between man and woman remains strong, survives all shocks and overcomes anything that comes in the way.

The Changing Relations

In the earlier days, having a break up was literally considered as something disastrous but these days it is common rather the rule rather than the exception and remarriage is considered very common. The question is not about establishing a second relation but the question remains – if a couple could not get together well in the first place, how would they do so smoothly the next time.

There would be lots of arguments about starting life again, but the buck does not stop there. It could then lead from starting second time to third time and so forth. This basically takes aware the real indepth value in any relation and merely becomes a vehicle of physical togetherness between two individuals for the sake of social together.

It is perhaps here that the difference between love and formal relationship comes into the picture but then that will lead us into too complex a discussion so we should stick to the main point.

The Solution: Is There One?

Unfortunately though we are the solutions providers to clients worldwide, it is not easy to suggest a solution to such issues. It is a complex combination of cultural changes, social changes linked to changing economical pressures, the pace of life and many more.

It is only on us to live the life of a human being or just be a intelligent animal and it is here that the real knowledge and values of the knowledge of the Orient reigns supreme over the Occidental, even this might seem a bit biased. So our advice would be just to stick around, try to work around it and just remember, people can change but situations just remain same, so if you cannot make it this time, chances are you will not do it next time also. This might seem a negative viewpoint to the uninitiated but just a little reflection would prove its worth.

What Next?

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