Right Vs Wrong: SC Ruling

There is man (and woman) and there is nature and ideally they should go in harmony with each other. It has been found from experience that whenever the natural laws are violated intentionally or unintentionally, chaos does result.

Propagation of any species is one of the most important tasks since it leads to continuity of life and most living forms use the medium of intercourse for giving birth to new generation, apart from some forms which lay eggs plus possibly a few other techniques.

RIght Vs Wrong

RIght Vs Wrong

Human beings, which call themselves the highest of the living forms have been divided into two genders by nature each having different physiological make up specially in terms of reproductive organs and it is only with the union of the opposite genders that procreation takes place.

However in the modern times, the physical union is not only a form of reproductive instrument but has been used as a convenient tool for enjoyment. Even further to that, there are instances, and a huge number of them where such a union cuts across gender lines and goes into the totally unnatural process of having similar gender partners.

We will not go into the rights and wrongs of it as we are no moral police and in each era, the society and culture have to decide what is best for them (and face results also – good or bad either ways)  hence we would only like to take this opportunity to project this matter from both aspects – for and against – and leave it to our viewers to provide their input. So here you go

In Favour of Ruling:

Democracy does not mean that literally every desire of the mind howsoever absurd should be fulfilled in the name of freedom. Tomorrow people will say I enjoy killing others so make it a rule to let me slaughter anyone

For any society to progress, not only materially but also to be based on certain principles, nature and its laws need to be respected.

Although in a free society, numbers do count but in certain areas, principles overrule numbers. So even if millions of people demand something it cannot be granted without any consideration

The western societies which are advanced materially but are now following the Oriental culture of Yoga, meditation etc are trying to get out of such concepts while due to cultural influence and globalization, it is affecting our generation

Against the Ruling:

Let us live our lives the way we do, do not try to police us morally.

Editors Note:

Actually we are trying to gauge the mentality of modern society so this isn’t meant in the form of an editorial but something which is to collect information and project what is the overall opinion with pros and cons of both sides so participate and send us your views or just add comments to this article.

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