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Interested in taking an online cricket quiz based on the topic of T20 version of the game? T20 is also called twenty twenty matches. It is a lively form of cricket. It is more fun than the original game of cricket and can be played in just three hours. The popularity of cricket was suffering due to the length of each game this is exactly why this format was introduced in 2003. It was first started in England. Each inning in this game consists of only twenty overs. In 2007 the first world cup of this game was held in India. There is no possibility that this game will replace the original game of cricket. It is just played for fun. The first game of T20 was played in England. The game has become very popular across the world.

The bowlers in T20 can bowl up to 4 overs in one match. One short pitched ball is allowed in T20 matches per over. 2012 woman’s T20 world cup was won by Australia. No more than five fielders can be on the leg side at any time. After the first six over, a maximum of five fielders can be outside the fielding circle. During the first six over, a maximum of two fielders can be outside the 30-yard circle this is also called the powerplay. Extra six runs is given to the other team in case the team cannot bowl 20 overs in 75 minutes time.  If a no ball is given then the other team automatically gets one score and they can also get one extra ball to play.

Adam Gilchrist tried to ensure that the game is introduced in Olympics. So far the game has not been introduced in the Olympics yet. Srilanka scored 260 which is the highest ever score that is recorded in t20 matches. The most successful chase in T20 was by India when they chased the score of 211 against Srilanka. The lowest inning total was 39 that were scored by Netherlands against Srilanka. England has won about eight T20 matches consecutively. Zimbabwe has the record of 16 consecutive defeats.  Bredon Mccullum has the record of making highest runs in T20 matches. He has also scored the maximum number of 6 in these games. Virat Kohli of India has the highest batting average in T20. Yuvraj Singh has made the fastest fifty in these matches. Richard Levi of South Africa has made the fastest 100 in T20 matches. Aaron Finch has recorded the maximum sixes in one inning of T20.

After knowing this brief history try to test your knowledge by answering these questions. All of the answers may not be in the above text you read so just see how many can you answer.

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