Top 5 promising careers of 2019

Everyone wants to choose the most effective careers for themselves so that they have a good life and can be successful in whatever they are doing. In this article we are going to discuss some of the most promising careers of 2019. We hope that our readers will find this article informative and will be able to choose a better and promising career based on these details.

Role of Technology

Technology has indeed reduced a lot of jobs all across the world. However, it has also created a lot of jobs. In this article we will try to discuss about some jobs that technology has created and how these jobs are expected to only grow in the near future. The jobs we are talking about are not the common professions that you know of these are a little different and are expected to do well in the future. 

Before you choose a career it is immensely important that you understand what will be demand in the future. There is no point working hard on a career that will not have a huge demand in the future.

  1. Machine trainer – Sounds interesting, today robotics is becoming a very popular field. However, training a robot to follow instructions and to make an AI software work the way you want is not easy. This is the exact work that a Machine trainer actually does. Most of the organizations are looking at automation of workforce in order to reduce the costs. Few months ago Google alone hired around ten thousand workers to clean the content of YouTube and also to train the machine learning technology of Google. From this we can make out how much would be the demand for these professionals in the future.

Any robotic company might need a large number of people to these jobs. The point is that the job is not a permanent one. The job is not an exciting one either. No matter what it is a crucial work and will help to transition into a more automated workforce. You can gain experience with one robotics firm and use the same experience to work in other robotics firms and make a career in this new and growing field.

  1. AI engineer – If you are looking at a job that is high in demand but people hardly know about it as a result availability of skilled professionals in this field is very limited. This field is of AI engineer. Many AI companies are hiring on a large scale and they are looking for skilled professionals who can do this job. There was a NIPS (Neural Information processing systems) conference in December. The aim of this conference was to look for professionals who can do this job.

Lots of goodies were given to attract professionals but still it was found that the supply is way less compared to the demand. We can undoubtedly say that it is the most sought after skill set that people are looking for in today’s world. If you can master this job it is like having a distinction in this field. Definitely not something that is commonly heard of but just because people do not know much about it does not mean that this profession will not do well in the future.

  1. Renewable energy technician – Most of the energy industries in the USA are shiftig from coal to natural gas and renewables. Conserving the environment is the foremost concern for many today. As this change is a sudden one there is a huge need for people who are trained in this field.

The Bureau of Labor statistics is clearly stating that the need for wind turbine technicians and photovoltaic installers will be very high in the future. It is also considered to be the fastest growing professionsin the next 10 years. The profession is expected to grow at one hundred percent in the next few years.

The job is a skilled one and the workers must have a flexibility and skill that a robot will never be able to achieve. This is exactly why it is almost next to impossible to get this job automated in the near future. These points make the job of the Renewable energy technician one of the most promising careers for the year 2018.

  1. Video game streamer – The next professional skill that we are about to discuss is of a video game streamer. Many people are already working on this and making good money. This is another job that will be doing well in the future for sure.

Every day millions users are looking for gamers in this platform. The demand for the players is very high and beyond imagination. This platform is growing fast and so is the need for people who can work on it effectively and efficiently. This is definitely one good job to learn abd start growing your career on because the demand for this is not going to reduce soon.

  1. Caregiver – The last profession that we are about to discuss in this article is of a caregiver. Any job that cannot be automated will also be in demand. The job of a health care provider is such a job in which it is almost impossible to get a robot to do the job no matter how advanced the technology gets.

It will always need a human touch as the essense of the profession. The demand for this profession is only going to double in the next ten years as per The Bureau of Labor Statistics. The increase in demand is mainly because of the number of health problems that are exoected to get higher in the future.

The jobs are not well paid and this is something that many organizations are working on. If the pay for this profession gets better it can be considered as one of the most promising careers of the future.Along with being a promising career it can also be a highly satisfying job for people who are interested in this field.

These are the top five and indeed the most promising careers of 2019. We assure that these can help you to develop your careers really well and help you make a dream career. These are jobs that not may know of and they are not discussed a lot about. They are definitely not the traditional jobs that we know about yet they have a strong perspective to do well in the future for people who are not scared to try something different.

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