What Is Krokodil Drug?

There are different type of drug abuses in the world and one of the latest and dreaded one is the Krokodil drug. Do you know what is a Krokodil drug and why is it so dangerous? Let us find out.

What is Krokodil Drug?

The technical name for Krokodil is Desomorphine and for those interested in its composition it is made up of codeine, iodine, paint thinner, HCL acid and many more deadly things. This should be sufficient to give you an idea of why is this drug so dangerous and you should avoid it at all costs.

Fatal Effects of Krokodil Drug

The title on this section may not be necessary as it is known fact that drugs are always bad and they have fatal effects. Only difference could be in the degree of damage they cause and how quickly they cause it.

As per this parameter, the Krokodil drug is perhaps the worst as the effects it has are literally gruesome. Earlier we intended to include some graphics in this post but then they were too disturbing for everyone and anyone to see, hence we are not putting them but you can simple Google search the term “Krokodil user pictures” and see what condition people have reached who used it knowingly or even accidentally

Few Facts about Krokodil Drug

Basically this drug is of Russian origin and has been recently detected in the United States which has caused a huge tension in the authorities over there. Infact the name Krokodil is a Russian version of the word Crocodile.

Krokodil Drug

Krokodil Drug

It is so called because the use of this drug causes your skin to become crocodile like scaly and greenish sort of colour around the area of its usage.

After continuous use it further leads to rotting of flesh and the bones get exposed. Infact so dangerous is the drug that healthy person can hardly survive for 2 or 3 years maximum after starting its usage.

The main reason for spread of this drug is that is is said to be available at much cheaper rates in the underworld market as compared to traditional drugs and it is so addictive that once taken you have the urge to take again in a very strong way.

What To Do If Someone has Krokodil Addiction?

The best and only way is to take the person to a proper deaddiction center based on wherever you are located. One such deaddiction center belongs to Dr Randall Bock (MD) but there are other centers too

Just remember always say NO TO DRUGS no matter what and who proposes it. But still if you get caught take support of your family, loved ones and never lose hope.

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